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All available puppies pictured below are here in Oxford, Massachusetts


The Welsh Pembroke Corgi is the smallest of the herding group, ranging from 24 to 30 pounds full-grown. Do not be fooled, their short legs do not mean the breed cannot run quickly nor that they don't need regular exercise. The low to the ground body was designed to help protect the breed from sheep or cattle kicks as most kicks directed towards the Corgi would be passed right overhead.

Like all herding breeds, Corgis are intelligent and energetic. Daily long walks, or a fenced yard, are needed to satisfy the Corgi’s need for exercise. Apartment living is okay, providing enough mental and physical stimulation is given to the Corgi.

The Corgi has a short coat that sheds throughout the year, yet twice a year the shedding becomes more pronounced. The coat is naturally short and fluffy on the Corgi’s underneath and slightly more coarse on its back. Grooming is minimal. Baths should be given only as needed and no clipping of the coat is required. Regular brushing will help reduce unwanted hair around the house especially during shedding seasons.

The Corgi has a relatively long life ranging between 12-15 years. This breed’s affectionate and playful attitude makes an excellent pet for a family providing the children are old enough to treat the animal appropriately. For more information visit the AKC website.

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Laughlin Kennel is a dog breeder & Kennel located in Oxford, Massachusetts, near Connecticut, Rhode Island, and all of New England, including Worcester, Providence, Boston, Springfield and Hartford. AKC, APRI, ACA, UAB and other registries. We have available puppies bred here and also pups from other breeders.

Whether you considered this a purchase or an adoption, bringing a puppy home is a wonderful joy. And yet adopting a new member into your family is a life changing event, so call or e-mail us if you have any questions.