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Mastiff (English) Puppies For Sale

All available puppies pictured below are here in Oxford, Massachusetts

The Mastiff is a giant breed. Full-grown, males are usually around 160 to 180 pounds, while the females are slightly smaller with an average weight of 150 pounds. This breed is large, muscular, and strong. They are not for the faint hearted. Proper training should begin while the dog is still smaller than you. If the dog is not properly trained, the breed can be unruly and too strong for training! For pet owners, it is recommended to have the breed neutered within the first year. If neutered young, the males will not develop the same instinctual tendencies that may make training more difficult.

The mastiff is known for their lovable and friendly attitudes. They seek human attention and thrive from time spent with their owner. They have a high tolerance for children and enjoy the love and attention a child provides them.

Grooming is minimal. They have short fur that does not need to be trimmed. Baths should be given only when needed.

Despite their size, Mastiffs are not active indoors and will do okay with apartment living provided sufficient exercise is given. Daily walks are needed.

The life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.


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 For an explanation of the table, see our breed characteristics key.

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Whether you considered this a purchase or an adoption, bringing a puppy home is a wonderful joy. And yet adopting a new member into your family is a life changing event, so call or e-mail us if you have any questions.