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Testimonials II

This is a continuation of the Testimonials page.  In just three months the first got so big that it was taking a long time to load.  We love to hear from you and we didn't want to take anyone down; so we started this new page. 

Last updated  7/02/08  rf

Uile :He is now five and a half months old and doing
Thanks For A Wonderful Berner!
Fran and Jack

We got Nico when he was 10 weeks old on 10/16/07. He is the funniest, smartest, and the best dog ever!!!!! Everyone he meets loves him

-Nico & his family

We adopted Maia from yu guys a little over a month ago.  She has fit into our famliy perfectly.  Thank you guys so much!

hi laughlin,

       we wanted to thank you for our beautiful english mastiffs.  odin (left)  14 months old who weighs about 115 or so and zeus (right) 6 months old who weighs about 100 or so.  they are a handful but we love them so much. we think odin is going to be smaller than zeus because zeus is almost as big as odin in just a short time, it is amazing to see how much they are growing and changing.  we have had odin for a year now.  zeus about 5 months.  odin is attached to me i cant go anywhere without him next to me.  he loves his mama.  zeus on the other hand loves his daddy  every chance he gets he is next to him.  thank you for giving us a bigger family life wouldnt be the same with out them in it.  
                                             thanks so much.
                                           snady, rob, and lexi b.
thanks so much,
snady,rob and lexi b.

I just wanted to share pictures of our puggle, Reagan!  She is growing fast and we absolutely love her! 
Sarah & Chris

We bought our pup about 1 year ago and he is the best!  We check your website often to see what other kind of bulldogs you have available.  We figured that you would like to see Bocephus now and maybe post him up on your website.
Thank you so much for bringing this little guy into our lives.

Take Care,
Amanda, Mike & Bocephus

We adopted an English Bulldog from you last year and we couldn't have
asked for a better dog. Sgt Grumbles (Grumbles for short)  is lovable,
awesome and an excellent addition to our family. He is non-
aggressive, great with people, loves other dogs, and is adamant about
making friends with our two cats. Thank you so much for helping us
find the perfect companion.


Kelly & Chis


Its been 5 years since we adopted Scout from you, so I thought I would send you a picture of her and say thanks.  We absolutely love her and ever since we brought her home have just been in love with her.  I may be biased, but she is just the best dog.  So thanks again for bringing Scout into our lives!  You can see from the pictures, she has us trained well!  :)


We saw the picture of the blue merle puppy on your site and would just love to adopt him as well, but unfortunately we just don’t have the time right now to add a puppy to our household.  Hope he finds a great home!





I am including my photo so you can see how happy I am in my new home. A week and half now and my pet human has already taught me how to sit, lie down, sit before going out, come when called or whistled, how to fetch and return the tennis ball. I love to walk and run and do not mind the leash at all, but I'm so good I don't need it really as I follow my new pet person everywhere. Mostly I love to run with my new favorite human. I get lots of love and even if I mess up and pee inside sometimes I am mostly potty trained already. My new vet says I'm awesome, best terrier she ever met and told me I would make a great therapy dog, whatever that is. I went to school last week and am looking forward to playing with my new friends again this weekend. I've met loads of different kinds of humans and other canine pals and life so far is pretty great in this new place! My new Mom calls me Brodie and I quite like it. Best of luck to all my pals I left behind and I hope you get adopted as well and find nice homes.

Just in case you needed another picture to put up…this is my lil Malshi boy….he just lost 2 bottom teeth he is showing off for the camera…4 months old J


I noticed before that you had some Malshi puppies.  Do you know when you might have them again?  My mother is looking for one.  I purchased a Morkie from you back in November and she is the light of my life.  Thank you for putting their pictures online as you do because when I saw her I knew that “Phoebe” was my puppy!

Thank You,


I thought I'd send a few pics of our little ones! Molly and Max have brought our family so much love and joy. They are the most lovey dogs. They have great personalities and are just little goof balls.

Thanks so much
Stacy, Eric, Jake, and Brandon



Just few words to let you know that LYNA is doing great… She loves playing and jumping as much as she loves being on our laps or held in a warm blanket.  She makes us laugh a lot!!!  And we just love her.


Again thank you for making my daughter the happiest little girl.....




Noura, Janna and Stefan

Pictures for you!

Hi - This is Seamus. We adopted Seamus on April 5th ... He is Princess Arial and Capt. Mo's pup.....

The family has fallen totally in love with Seamus. He is walked and
brushed daily and has more chew toys than you can imagine. A bit of a
problem with biting, nipping we are working on resolving. He walks on a
leash like a champ. He is doing well with house training.

Overall he has changed the entire dynamics of our household - in a positive way....

Dear Laughlin Kennel,

     My family and I adopted a Cavalier King Charles (we named him rocky) from you back in October, and we are nothing but happy about the outcome. He is a small dog with a HUGE heart, and he just loves to cuddle all of the time. Our only fear is that if he meets a coyote outside or something, he will start trying to play with it, thats just how friendly he is! He fits in perfectly with our family and we are just so glad to have him as our own puppy! He is about 12 lbs, and still growing. On the 30th of April he will be 9 months old!

Thank you so much!
 Rocky, and his Family!

p.s- here is a picture attached of him snuggling up on a pillow ! =)

Dearest Laughlin Kennel,

In November, my boyfriend (to my greatest surprise)
decided to buy me a puppy. When we bought Kingston (a
small yorkshire terrier) my life changed drastically.
I along with everyone in my family love him so much.
He's such a character, a good companion and a watchdog

I couldn't thank you enough!!
Kinesha G.

Dear Laughlin Kennel,

I would just like to say thank you.  We purchased our morkie from you in January.  His name is Milo.  He is the most lovable puppy.  We fell in love with him just as much as he fell in love with us.  He has gotten used to his new home and love.  Here is a picture of him resting with his daddy on his favorite blanket.  Milo is doing great and he loves his new house.

Thank you,
Scott, Christine, and Milo
Thank you,
Scott, Christine, and Milo

Dear Laughlin kennel,

This is a picture of Charlie, we bought him a couple days after Christmas. He’s a wonderful puppy! He gets along with our other dog Benny and he rarely barks. He gets a ton of attention and when we play with him out side all the kids come running down the street to see him. Hes about 8 months old and hes livin the life. We are so excited to bring him to our houses at the Cape and in Vermont. Charlie and Benny love to go on walks and play fetch every day, we even bought Charlie tiny tennis balls so he can fit them in his mouth. WE LOVE HIM! Thank you Laughlin kennel for selling us the perfect puppy.

Tom, Beth, Christina, and Emily

Tom, Beth, Christina, and Emily

I asked my new mommy to write a note to you so you wouldn't worry about me (you called me Buddy).  I am very happy in my new home with lots of barking dogs, good food, my new crate home and my new toys.  On the way home yesterday we stopped at the store 'Petco' which mom said I could go in and see other people and pick out some new toys.  We saw the girl who would have done my grooming (she also does the obedience classes which mom is probably going to take me to), another store person that really loved me, and another lady who has goldens at home.  I walked in the store very nicely and was very good with all the people.  I kind of went nuts for a toy (ball with rope tug) that I pulled off the display and carried around proudly although mom said the rope was dangerous and we would pick some other 'more appropriate' toys.  We found some wonderful long furry animals and I carried the one mom choose around (she also got me a kong and nylabone) to the checkout where there were tons more of them hanging just at my height so I kind of went nuts and pulled many off the display.  A nice girl gave me a cookie which I ate but still the toys were there.  It was all we could do to get out before I made more of a mess but they said it was fine - all the dogs do it.  We then went on a ride to the 'vet' where mom picked up another dog brother's medicine and made me an appointment for next Monday for a checkup and rabies shot.

When we got home the other dogs (my new brothers and sisters) were really crazy and mom had to yell a lot but I just kept running around to see them all - it seems like lots of fun.  My big brother, Ollie, is my best buddy now (mom says when the yard is less muddy, other dogs can go out with us) and we go out together and run around.  I did go potty outside a couple of times and mom really praised me.  I also got a nice cushy pad in my bed which I did NOT chew but wet on last night so a got another rug this morning before mom went 'to work'.  I really love my new mom and she told me how much she loves me so I think I'm set for life now :))  She said the other dogs will get better after I'm here awhile - they are a bit jealous right now (although nothing has changed for them).  I will try to be a good boy and make you proud of me.  Mom will send pics when we get them developed.


Thanks so much for helping me find my forever home! 

Love, Duncan


I bought Mylie, my Halloween born Papillon, a few months ago from Laughlin Kennel. She insisted we check in and say thank you for all the care you showed her from the time she got there until we came in and took her home. She is very happy with her new surroundings and can't wait to get out on the boat this Spring since we live on a nice lake in Sturbridge.


Thank You
Daryl & Mylie

To everyone at Laughlin Kennel

We bought out gorgeous Siberian Husky, Gambit, from you almost three years ago. He is the most beautiful, sweetest, and friendliest dog we could have ever hoped for. We thank you every day for giving us such an amazing addition to our lives. Take care!

-Paul & Lisa



Dear Laughlin Kennel,

Thank you so much for all your assistance in adding the PERFECT member to our family.  We adopted our little Boston Terrier pup, Fenway, in January and he has made our lives so much more interesting, to say the least.  We absolutely adore every little thing about him!!!
Again Thank you so much,
Jake, Sonia and Fenway
Jake, Sonia and Fenway

Hi just sending a picture of my new lil boy..I bought him Friday March 14th and haven’t slept in a week but he is my little bundle of joy, just the cutest little fattest thing I ever saw.