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Testimonials III


Updated 12/18/08    
We bought her this January and she very quickly became one of the most
important members of our family.

Thank you!


Hey Laughlin Kennel! I adopted my morkie, Duncan, in May of 2008. He's now 8.5 months old and my crazy little man! He's so healthy and happy... he even made a big move with me from Boston to Baltimore two months ago. Between playing with the cat, chasing leaves, fetching balls, and learning new tricks every day, he is SUCH a joy! Thanks so much for such a wonderful pal!

He's a happy puppy in charge the house and all he can sink his teeth 
into. He's got it made!

Sent from

Hi Everyone at Laughlin Kennel....Here are pictures of  Cody.  We've had him over a week now and he is doing great!  My daughter and I are really enjoying him.  Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving~

Hello Laughlin Kennel,
In July of 2007, my wife and two kids drove out to your kennel and when I arrived home from work, a little Siberian Husky was there to greet me.  Without fail, Dakota still runs to greet me every time I get home from work.  She's been a wonderful companion for the whole family and are blessed to have her.  I guess the highest compliment comes from her vet who remarks all the time that "Dakota is a credit to her breed".
Here is a photo of Dakota and my son.
Take care,
Dan D.

We purchased Milo and Phoebe (Cocker-Tese)  in June 08, after the passing of our beloved Shadow.  They are fantastic dogs. they love to run and play and chew.  They fight all the time (playing).  She is very independent and he is very loving.  I check your web site all the time for more of this mix cross, but have not seen any Cocker-tese pups since we purchased these two.  Milo is now 20 pds and Phoebe is 15pds. Attached is there holiday picture, Milo, blue collar, Phoebe chewing bone.
John & Don
Warwick RI

Hello former home! Just wanted to show you my big sister and me at grandma's house. I just love my sister Daisy Mae so much. We play all of the tiem. My mommy and daddy are really happy with me. I am so big now, 50lbs. The vet said I could be 80 lbs when I am a grown up. That is way bigger than my sister. I have been at my new home for almost a year and couldn't be happier. Thank you for taking care of me until my mommy and daddy found me.

To Whom it May Concern,
      My wife and I bought a beautiful Miniature Dachshund from your store on July 11th. My sister Carol Donovan has purchased 2 Siberian Huskies. We have no complaints at all about any of our puppies. They are beautiful and in perfect health. We would definitely consider getting another dog from your kennel. If my wife would let me I'd get little Fenway a brother right now. I am sorry for the trouble you are experiencing and wish you the best!

Just wanted to send a pic of our puppy's bday!!!  SHE turned 1 Nov. 4th 2008.  WE got her from you guys Jan 2007...  She is healthy as can be and a lot of fun...

Enjoy the pics...

Milton, MA...

Dear Laughlin Kennel,
Thank you so much for sending me to my new home! I have so much fun with my new family every day - we play all the time! My favorite game is tug of war, and I'm good at fetching, too! I don't like bathtime or the rain but I love everything else! For Halloween, I was a witch. My mommy attached a picture! My family tells me that I'm smart because I was potty trained very quickly! I can tell that they're glad that I don't have any more accidents in the house. I have so much energy and I just love to play, but I also love taking long naps on the couch! I have been with my family for a little more than a month and I know we're going to have a great time together! Thank you again for introducing me to them!

Love, Ginger the Shih Poo puppy


We got Beethoven from you in October 2006.

As you can see he has grown up and is a big spoiled baby!

He is the second Saint Bernard that we have purchased from you.


Thank You!



We (my parents, actually) purchased a Bichon Frise from you in December of 97. She was born on October 3, 1997, and you had named her "Lightening" because she was the fastest of the litter. We later called her "Poochie" and we loved her with all of our might. She ran the household LITERALLY. She had such a fantastic personality, and she loved being around us. Last month, she was diagnosed with Mitral Valve disease and sadly, she passed away a few days before her 11th birthday. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to raise and love Poochie as our own. We miss her very very much.

Hi everyone at Laughlin Kennels,

      We just wanted to let you know this is our little baby dog, we named her ABBY. She was only 5.5 lbs when we broght her home the first week of June at 8 weeks old. Now she is 5 months old and up to almost 20 lbs. She is an absoulute Doll. She has a sweet, curious, loving personality. She is wicked smart, very playful and an absoulte joy to our whole family. The cat even likes her.
                      THANKS FOR ANOTHER GOOD DOG
                                                                Leslie ~ Tim
                                                               and all the kids
Leslie ~ Tim
                                                               and all the kids

Hello Laughlin Kennels,
Just an update on my little girl that I bought from you. We named her Molly McDoodle. She is such a dream I'll have you know. She is the sweetest puppy and has the best temperment ever. We have had her now for a little over a month. I brought her to the vets for a check up and the vetranarian was very impressed with her condition. They were impressed with all the shots she had received and told us that the place that we bought her must really take pride in their animals. The shots were more than what is generally given to a puppy. She only needed 2 shots. She was really impressed with the fact that you wormed her so well. I just wanted to pass this along to you with her cute little picture.....
Thank you so very much, I will make sure I tell others about you!
Teresa T.


We bought Milo from you in January,  He is about to turn a year old in a few days.  I figured I would give you an update.  He is doing great! He is spoiled rotten and he knows it.  Milo is really a great puppy he gets lots of love and attention.  Here is a picture of him being extra cute!

Thank you again
The R----

Just wanted to drop you a note of how it is going with our new baby Shihpoo Lady Jane. When we came in to Laughlin Kennels with our two year old Yorkiepoo Black Jack we found a life long friend for him in Lady Jane. She is absolutely adorable. She is fearless and a great joy to us. We have already recommended your kennel to many people. I have attached a picture of the two new friends playing. Thank you so much for our new family member.
Diane Routhier
Diane R.







My husband and I purchased a male pug pup from you last July, and I wanted to thank you.  His name is Sarge and he's a full 20 lbs now and a bundle of love and fun.  He's just the best dog ever.  He has a fun loving personality and loves to be with his family.  Attached are 3 pictures, the one from your website when he was available and 2 of him now.





I have told everyone I know how wonderful you were and how wonderful our new dog is.






Thank you again.

Here is my toy poodle, Maggie Mae. I adopted her last month(July). She is
everything I hoped for in a pup. Maggie is four months and almost all
trained. She's absolutely precious, loves everyone! Thank you so much, Meg

Laughlin Kennel...
  Online pictures are available for 30 days
Hello!  Just wanted to share photos of my Boston Terrier pup that I purchased from you in May 08.  Rocko has such a great the house, he is quiet and loves to cuddle but outside he is energetic and playful.  He likes to go with me everywhere and always attracts attention!  He just finished puppy kindergarten and will soon start formal obedience and agility training.  He is so intelligent, funny, and lovable....I have become completely obsessed with him (and boston terriers in general!) 


To Everyone at Laughlin Kennels,

    We purchased a male Wheaton Terrier from Aurora's litter born on
4/13/08.  We named him Max and he has been an absolute joy!  We love
him and he has settled right in.  He is very active and is bringing a
lot of fun to our family.  I have attatched some pictures of him in his
new home.

Thanks again,


This is our yorkie coco, we bought her a couple years ago for my sons birthday, and she has become a big part of our family. She is so funny, and smart, and very very very lovable. She is the best dog we could all wish for. Thank You!!!!

Hello Laughlin Kennels,

We would like to thank you again for our wonderful cockapoo puppy Zoey. She is absolutely amazing in every way! Playful, well mannered, extremely social and so smart. Our family couldn't ask for a better pup!

Thank you,
The F........ Family

Ps. We brought Zoey on vacation to the beach with us for a week, she absolutely loved the beach and all the people there. I think we may have talked a few families into getting their own cockapoo!

I purchased my puppy "KIAH" from you in Feb 2008. I had sent an email not to long after getting her and just thought I'd send an update.  She will be one year old next month and she is doing great and we are inseparable.  I occasionally check the site and look at the cockapoos listed.  I can't wait to buy a home some day so I may get another.  Kiah's biggest obstacle in the beginning was her leery behavior around other people. She would bark and growl. I called on a personal trainer I used over 10 years ago with a prior dog.  I only worked four sessions with him and continued the exercises on my own.  She now is so much more personable.  I added a couple pics, one is with me on her first day home.
Feel free to post this to your testimony page!
Take care,

Terry and Kiah

We just wanted to share a picture of our great Wheaten terrier puppy. His name is Peanut and he is absolutely adorable. Peanut is almost six months old! He was only four lbs when we bought him from you in April  and is now 20lbs. We love him so much and he is a great addition to our family.Thank you so much for such a great dog.
Lynda, Stephanie & Joe

Hello Laughlin Kennel!!

    I just wanted to say that my Mini Dachshund Scooter is doing amazing. I bought him from you in March 2008 and he's now almost 8months old. Everyone who meets him now wants a Dachshund because he is so well behaved. I'm so happy he is part of the family!!
Lots of Love-Amy & Scooter!

Hi just wanted to send you a picture of Gizmo and I, we got him from you guys a few months ago and he has grown like crazy.He was four pounds when we got him now he's twenty pounds! We love him so much,he is very smart and loving. Thank you

Laughlin Kennels-

We wanted to add another picture to your wall. We brought home Mocha in February, our chocolate poodle. Since then, she has been a great addition to our family. She's perfect! Thanks for finding her.

Attached is her picture. Enjoy!

xxxxx + Family

Hello Laughlin Kennels,

Meet Mona, I purchased her from your kennel in March and she has been a great addition to my house every since. As you can see she is absolutely adorable and she has the biggest heart to match.  I hope that whoever purchases a puppy form you is as lucky as I am.  Thanks for everything!